Ketogenic and Low Carb Challenges

Ketogenic and lowcarb weight loss challenges.

ketogenic weightloss challenges

We know that weight loss is the main goal of many people choosing the ketogenic or Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle and we are here to help YOU achieve it. And, with the added and especially relevant benefit of improving your health and guaranteeing a brighter and longer life.

Making dreams come true and helping you feel better and healthy is our goal.

So, what do you want?

  • To break a stall? Or
  • Get back on the wagon after a slip up? Or even
  • Intending to start keto but feel overwhelmed?

We can help with that, guide you on your journey by incorporating challenges, adding great recipes and advise. So, with that in mind, in our page we will post all about the ketogenic and lowcarb challenges we run, that include:

Eggfast challenge

The so famous egg fast, used for both restarting after a slip up, or shaking it up to break a stall.

You can find a good starting point here –My egg fast experiment explained

And you can purchase my guides here:



egg fast sweet ketogenic keto
My sweet options
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egg fast weight loss IBIH ketogenic
Standard guide for an eggfast


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Clean Eating challenges

Helping you restart your life by shifting from a diet full of processed and unhealthy foods to a whole foods, clean eating, and healthy diet

Back to basics challenge

Slipped up? Maybe in need of a fresh start?
So, let’s go back to basics and relearn how to achieve success and make your weight loss a smoother process.
Leaving out keto treats, sweeteners, dairy (with few exceptions), keto breads and/or cakes, you will certainly rediscover the taste of simple but also tasty foods.

You can also find our challenges here:

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And last but not least, feel at home and if you have any questions or need any support, use the contact form below or our social media and we will get back to you ASAP.

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