I’ve been a solo traveler for over 25 years, I believe fundamentally in what is now called “slow travel” and completely passionate about travel planning.

It was this passion that made me migrate from helping friends to plan their trip, to being a travel designer, specializing in four destinations – Italy, Portugal, Mozambique and South Africa.

I am the founder the Facebook group Women that Solo Travel – By Di, where I share my travels, knowledge, photos, recipes and travel tips.

I travel several times a year, trying to get to know more and more the destinations I work with, and of course, getting to know other destinations.

My goal is to show you how dream travel can become a reality, showing the authenticity and genuineness of destinations and escaping stereotypes and mass tourism, without a soul, without a dream. Want to know more? Click on the link below

here —- https://ditraveldesigner.com/

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