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My story with food and travel started since a very early age. And after so many years thinking about it, I decided that was time to share two of my passions with the world. And so my site was created.

My site was launched thinking about all people I want to help achieve their dreams, either in the diet world by helping you to reach your goals, improve your self esteem, lose weight in a healthy way and find great recipes to make your life tastier, brighter and easier, or when it comes to travel, help you have the trip of your dreams at the destinations I work with, guaranteeing safety and a memorable experience.

So, if you are struggling to lose weight in a healthy way, to achieve your goals and feel good about yourself, to regain your self-esteem and feel awesome, my site is for you.

If you want to plan your vacation but feel overwhelmed and you don’t know how to start, where to go, where to stay, what to see, this site is for you.

Here you will find a mix of diet/traveling with “Di’s journey through yummy food and beautiful traveling. You will find inspiration, support, encouragement, education, awesome recipes (hey I am the creator of the best LCHF bread ever!!), beautiful photographs, posts about where I travel to and much more.

So who am I, why this site?

I was always thin and fit, well, until my mid 40’s. Then everything changed, my metabolism slowed down, and I started putting on kilos now matter how hard I exercised or how low fat I ate. Light, diet, low fat products you name it, were my way of eating healthy.

I did Dukan for some time, I lost, but quickly gain. I tried South Beach and a bunch of other diets. Nothing worked.

As Portuguese, fat from meat, fish, dairy was always part of my life, but unfortunately so were refined carbs and sugar. I have always been the kind that studies and investigates a lot, and I started reading about the new LCHF and ketogenic “diets”.

They caught my attention since day one because all of it made sense taking into account my knowledge of subjects such as physiology, biochemistry and nutrition. I started reading, studying, investigating, searching for reliable websites, people, doctors. Came across Volek and Phinney, Tim Noakes, Jason Fung, Eric Westman, David Perlmutter, Andreas Eenfeldt, Peter Attia, Eric Berg, and many more.
I was suddenly realising how stupid I had been, how the food and drug industry play tricks on us forcing us to believe that a high carb diet is the healthy way of living.

And so, this is my story. My LCHF journey is now 7 years, I lost 14kg, I feel better than ever, and all my blood results are amazing. Although my age did influence my weight loss, I was not at anytime trying to lose fast, I was not on a fad diet, I found my way of living.

My passion drove me to grow in this field. I am a member of the Nutrition Network (Prof. Tim Noakes network, composed by amazing professionals), as well as International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Soon after starting my journey, I joined the ketodietapp support group and after some time, I became part of the Keto Diet App Team. I was later the team leader of the admin team, and helped to also admin the associated Facebook Page, and Challenge Forum. I am no longer part of the group and team, but I can only thank them for the great time I had there, for the learning process, and for 5 great years, during which I met many people, of which several became friends in real life.

Another important part of my life is traveling, I love traveling. I am a solo traveler (my story as a solo travel started late in my life) and I had to overcome many difficulties along the years.

I love planning my travel, and my friends started asking me to help them with their travel.
It is a passion, I plan everything carefully, with love, with care, thinking of the person and his/her needs, dreams, habits, fears, culture, language and budget.

So one day I thought to myself, “why not combine my two passions and do something to help more people, in a way that gives me pleasure and drives me? Why not share my story, my amazing recipes? My travel plan skills?

And that is how this site was created. With love, with hope, strongly believing that if I helped myself, if I am so happy with myself now, I can surely help others.

Long text right? But now you know me and what to expect. Before I go, I would like to ask you to join my email list by subscribing for free. You will get invitations to any freebies, my newsletter, blog updates, campaigns, challenges, free recipes, book announcements and discounts.

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