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Data policy

Storage of personal information

If you submit a comment to a blog post on our website (see details below) some personal information will be stored within this website’s database. This is currently the only occasion where personal data will be stored on this website. This data is currently stored in an identifiable fashion, due to the limitation of the content management system of the web domain host – WordPress.

We use third parties to process personal data on our behalf, and they were chosen carefully to guarantee compliance with legislation. Both of them (Google and Mailchimp) are based in the USA and are compliant with the EU-USA Privacy Shield.

We will duly and timely report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors. Any data breach that comes to our knowledge will be reported to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

Comments on posts

In case you add a comment to any of our posts, the name, email address, Computer’s IP address, time and date you enter with your comment will be saved to the database of this site. This information will only be used for identification purposes of you as a contributor to our comment section of that post and will not be passed on to anyone. Only your name will be visible on the public-facing website (however, if your email address is linked to a Gravatar account, the photo you have there will also be displayed).

Your comment and referred personal data will remain on this site until we remove the comment or the blog post. Should you wish to have the comment and associated data deleted, please email us using the e-mail in our contact page, and the email address that you commented with.

If you are under 16 years of age you MUST obtain consent from your parents before posting a comment on our blog.

Contact forms and email links

In case you intend to contact us using our contact form displayed below on this page, or an email link, none of the data that you provide will be stored by our website or passed to/be processed by any of the third party data processors we have (Google, Site Host, MailChimp). As not all mail servers are secured, always consider email as insecure and not include personal, confidential or sensitive information within an email.


If you choose to join our email newsletter (by filling in the pop up subscription form), the email address that you submit to us will be forwarded to MailChimp who is our email marketing service provider. MailChimp is a third party data processor. The email address that you submit will not be stored within our website own database or any of our internal computer systems.

Your email address will remain within MailChimp’s database for as long as we continue to use MailChimp’s services for email marketing or until you specifically request removal from the list. You can unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link contained in the form and email newsletters that we send you or request its removal via e-mail (please send your email to us using the email account that is subscribed to the mailing list).

If you are under 16 years of age you MUST obtain consent from your parents before joining our email newsletter.

While your email address remains within the MailChimp database, you will receive periodic newsletters from us.

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