Un giro in Italia

Un giro in Italia basically means “a ride in Italy”.

Why you may ask?

Because you all know by now that Italy is dear to my heart, since the first day I set foot there.

And we all know that Italy is facing a very tough time with the COVID 19 pandemia.

Yesterday I was watching people in Italy singing in their balconies, as well as a video from Freccie Tricolore (the acrobatic flying team) and I was crying. Crying not of sorrow or sadness, but crying out of pride.

See the Italian people joining forces and staying strong in spite of being quarentined, with empty streets, thousands of positives, more than 1500 death, made me so so proud of them, and made me want to go there and help recover Italy, as soon as again we can travel there.

Of course, other countries, such as my Portugal, also deserve my homage and pledging for help, but today, this post is about Italy.

And because, just because, Italy is amazing from South to North, let me share with you a photographic journey through Italy. My un giro a Italia.

May all of you go there one day.

Passionate about the ketogenic and lowcarb lifestyle, solo traveler, passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Amateur photographer, recipe developer, creator of the famous keto perfect bread.

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