Me and Tuscany, a fairy tale

Hill Town, Italy,

Me and Tuscany, a story that started years ago. Tuscany is one of those places that get into your skin, like a delicate perfume, that instead of fading away, keeps intense for a lifetime. The Tuscan landscape is enchanting, intoxicating, addictive,

My first time in Italy included a day-tour in Tuscany, and that is when the “me and Tuscany” story started.

In September 2018, me, my son and my friend Andrea, went to Italy for 21 days (,,, I wanted them to see the Tuscan Landscape and see how Siena and San Gimignano are true gems, places that are truly enchanting.

So, in my travel plans and itinerary, I included several places I have been before, but that are worth a second, third, multiple visits.

I wrote about Siena and San Gimignano before (,, so this time I am leaving just a beautiful collection of photographs.

Next posts about Tuscany will be more in depth as they will be about new places, in this week long journey in Tuscany. They will include towns such as San Quirico D’Orcia, Volterra, Montepulciano, Pienza and Arezzo.

Tuscany, landscape, cypress
Stopping to admire the Tuscan landscape

We did hire a car, using, and this time it worked beautifully. We got a fantastic car, economic, and stylish, can it get better?

And so we left, from Florence, heading to Siena (as we decided to sleep there two nights), but stopping first in San Gimignano.

San Gimignano, a gem

We soon arrived in San Gimignano, and ohhh boy, it was cold and rainy, so we just headed straight to a restaurant, Bel Soggiorno ( I had planned as one of the two I would like to try. It was a winner.

For five generations the Bel Soggiorno restaurant has been a vital part of the San Gimignano scenario, with its typical dishes inspired by the Tuscan tradition.
Our restaurant is on the main street of San Gimignano and has a wonderful panoramic terrace from which you will enjoy the view of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. The elegant setting, with terracotta paving and oak-beamed ceiling, adds a pleasant and warm atmosphere to your lunch or dinner, whether for couples or for huge groups. Our qualified personnel will help you in the choice of our dishes and the match with wines from our rich wine cellar.
Eating is an experience, every dish from our menu is meant to let you discover antique scents and flavours; spices and herbs perfectly mixed with typical ingredients will let you experience Tuscan Cuisine at its best.

And it was just as they describe. A unique experience with fantastic food. I had the “Rose di Roastbeef con insalatina Tartufata cacio e pere / Thin slices of roastbeef with salad, tuscan pecorino cheese, dried tomatoes, pears and truffle”. Make sure you put it on your list! Me and Tuscany, is also about food as you can see!

After lunch, we took the time to just walk around, feel the magic of this beautiful Tuscan town, have a gelato at “the best gelateria in the world” – Gelateria Dondoli, and enjoy a great time, in spite of the rain.

His majesty the gelato

It was now time to get to Siena, where we would be staying at a charming B&B (Camere D’Epoca). Great service, good coffee at our disposal at any time, a kitchen with all the basics, and really good and charming rooms. Great cost benefit also, and located in Via San Pietro, close to everything.

Hello Sienna, the ancient Florentine Rival

But, not everything is perfect all the time right? After a nice walk, dinner was on the menu, and I had a recommendation, for a restaurant, I saw on Trip Advisor. It was the first and last time I felt discriminated in Italy. The owner clearly did not want us in the restaurant, stating it was full (when in fact it was not), when he saw my son was colored. I was truly pissed off, and will never recommend that place to anyone.

So we looked around and found a great place, with a nice vibe, good food, and no prejudiced and unwelcoming owners. Problem solved. Tired, we headed to the B&B as next day we would be walking around Sienna and then head to Volterra, San Quirico, Monteriggioni and drive back.

Next day was a stunning day, so different from the rainy and cold day before. We headed to the Duomo to see it inside (me the second time), as it is a beautiful Duomo, and has the most beautiful library I have ever seen. After the Duomo, a last walk around Siena, and we left to Val D’Orcia, which will be the theme of next posts – stay tuned!

There we go again

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