Wandering around Venice, fall 2018

Last hours in Venice, and we used them to stroll around Sestiere Cannaregio, San Polo, Santa Croce and Ghetto Ebraico. We left by vaporetto from Rialto, cruising along the grand canal where several palazzos and churches can be seen.

After delivering the keys of the apartment we rented, at Piazzale Roma, we crossed the modern Ponte Della Costituizione, and headed to the luggage depot to leave it there until our departure by train, to Verona.

We then crossed the bridge that connects Santa Lucia train station to the other side of Sestiere Cannaregio. I is the largest and most populated sestiere in Venice. For a couple of hours wewandered around Santa Croce, San Polo and Cannaregio, just enjoying our time and the beautiful views and places.

We then headed to Ghetto Ebraico to finish our time in Venice. It is located in sestiere Cannaregio and it started with a law issued in 1516 that established as an obligation, that Jewish people should reside in this area, totally surrounded by the water and with only two accesses. It is the oldest Jewish ghetto in the world.

In 1797 the French army of Italy, commanded by Bonaparte conquered Venice, and ended the ghetto’s separation from the city. In the 19th century, the ghetto was renamed the Contrada dell’unione.

Good bye Venice, see you next time

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  1. Motoguzzimomma - Christine

    Oh Venice; bellissimo. Cannaregio is where I like to stay; away from the madding crowd ❤️


    1. heelsandspices

      💕 I stayed very close to Ponte Rialto but in a very narrow and small road, calm and really nice


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