My second time in Venice

If you did read my first series of posts about Venice, last year, you will know how passionate I was about it. La Serenissima is beautiful in spite of the massive influx of not so respectful tourists she gets every year.

This time I went there at the end of September and, comparing with 2017, there was not much of a difference in the amount of tourists. It can get overwhelming, but hey, Venice is so beautiful, that you can still enjoy it.

This time we stayed in Rialto (literally 1 minute from Rialto Bridge), as opposed to where I stayed on my 1st visit – San Marco, and stayed for a longer time, that gave us room to better explore other neighborhoods (Burano and Murano still not on my plans) at a more relaxed pace.

We stayed in Venice from the 21st to the 24th of September, giving us 3 days, enough to explore it. After a nice meal at da Mamo, a small restaurant close to where we stayed, with a friendly staff and ice food, we had a deserved rest and wake up refreshed. The first full day in Venice would be busy as we intended to see as much as we could. I went again to the Doge Palace, this time not so focused on the photographs, and enjoyed seeing it again, and seeing spots I had missed the last time. I will not be elaborating much, this (and maybe another) post will just be a nice collection of photographs, with maybe a whole post dedicated to Cannaregio and San Giorgio Maggiore, as this time I got to see them in detail. Enjoy!

After leaving the Doge Palace, we tried to climb Scaderia del Bovollo but sadly it was closed for a fashion event. We decided to spend the rest of the day strolling around Venice.

Piazza San Marco at night

And so another day passed, quite nicely, but crowded. Next day we would be going to climb the tower and see panoramic views of Venice, go to San Giorgio Maggiore (theme of another post), explore other neighborhoods.

We did spend quite some time in Castello neighborhood. It dates back from 13th century, it is the largest of the neighborhoods (sestieri) and for sure it is local and authentic, not crowded, charming. There you can really experience Venice as a local.

Still crowded but still gorgeous

Time to watch sunset in Rialto and and end this perfect day with a nice 3 course dinner in the lovely Trattoria Agli Artisti in Ruga Giuffa.

The Grand Canal, stunning

And the last day came, we left at 10h00 to the train station to leave our luggage and explore Cannaregio (another post). Bye, bye Serenissima, I so much love you

Please respect Venice. Please respect the locals. There is actually people living there you know? Peeking through windows, making a lot of noise after hours, criticizing the local culture, habits, food, buying from illegal vendors/stalls, littering, vandalizing monuments, insisting on climbing statues and monuments when it is forbidden and stated, taking photos where it not allowed, is not really respecting and preserving the beauty of the places you go to (that applies to any country, city where you go). Collaborate to preserve those places you so like to see, instead of helping ruin it. Be a responsible tourist.

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  1. Motoguzzimomma - Christine

    Thank you for a virtual trip back to our beloved Venice; especially in this bleak mid-winter time of the year. Your photos are like dear friends, familiar, heartwarming and beautiful.

    You make a very important point too; ‘be a respectful tourist’.

    Thank you, Dalila


    1. heelsandspices

      Thank YOU for Always leaving a kind comment


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