Diet? Now what?

This post is directed to everyone that is trying to start a keto way of eating.

Many of us have tried all diets that along the years were advertised by the media, popularized by public figures, promoted by bloggers, nutritionists, fitness enthusiasts, and so on and on.

Most of us, failed.

Most of us, failed. I mean, the diet worked for a while, but then after a while, all weight was back. Why????? Why did I put all my weight back?? You might ask (I still see this question so many times with my coachees and facebook group I help to admin). Why? Some reasons I can think of:

  1. Because you looked at it as diet
  2. Because it was boring, tasteless, repetitive, restrictive, and after the deadline set for the duration of the diet, you got back to your old eating habits
  3. Because you got anxious and quit
  4. Because you look at it as a quick fix
  5. Because it affected your health

Because you looked at it as a diet

But you know in reality what is the main reason in my opinion? Because you looked at it as a diet. Not a way of eating, not a lifestyle change. Diet, the dreaded word, that comes with a huge psychological weight.

The word diet means actually the foods and drinks we habitually consume. It is derived from the Greek word diaita, that means… wait for it… WAY OF LIVING. How awesome is that? And how the hell did diet become the dreaded nightmare of so many?

Well I guess we all know. From the vulgarization of the word diet, the multitude of quick fix, fad “diets” that popped up in our lives for many and many years, the immediacy that took control of us. The obesity epidemics that brought an urgent need to lose weight, the cult of the perfect body (and not the perfect health) that lead to people looking increasingly for fast ways to lose weight, popularized as diets.

But no, keto/lchf is not a quick fix, are not the present definition of diet, keto/lchf are actually what the word diet originally meant: A way of leaving, a lifestyle.

That is how you should look at it. Taking that step, passing through that mind shift is what you need to transition of a yo yo person, frustrated, enraged, angry with yourself, stressed, because no matter what you do, your weight always comes back, and with a vengeance, to a happy achiever.

And no, this is not a post intending to evangelize, to convert you. It is a wake up call.

And why you may ask?

Because as I above said, I help manage a ketogenic diet facebook group (ketodietblog support group), a challenge forum, a ketogenic page, and I also have patients/coachees. And I see how the large majority still thinks about this as a quick fix, as a diet, as a painful period, luckily as short as possible, to lose the weight they want. Most do not understand that their health should come first and that losing weight is e nice side effect.

Many fail to see this as a long term commitment, a very enjoyable way of getting your health back and at the same time achieving their weight loss dreams. Many just want it done in the shortest time possible. Many look at it as restrictive, many look at it as expensive, and many still believe in what people tell them, that this is dangerous.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many ways of following keto/lowcarb , and many are not the best for health improvement. The market is being flooded with keto/lowcarb products, keto/lowcarb breads, sauces, syrups, pasta. And people fall for it. And people do not go through the mind shift, and people stay tied in to old thinking, to the foods that made them gain weight, and think that those mimic foods will be perfect, that they will be ok.

That is the IIFYM – If it fits your macros way of thinking. That as long as you stay below a certain carb limit, you will be fine. Guess what? If all you think of is losing weight, that will most probably be true.

But what I do advocate, follow and believe in, is a whole foods based way of eating. How could, in the name of all gods, real food be dangerous? Honestly?

Expensive? Of course yes, if you do not keep it simple and try to buy all keto/lowcarb products inundating the market. But if you choose to eat simple and delicious, the vast array of vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, this way of eating is not only cheaper than buying the low fat and diet processed foods you used to, or the burger at a fast food chain, but it will also give you a beautiful array of options and variety (tackling the restrictive issue)

Let me ask you a question. What good it does to you, being thin and looking great on the mirror, if you remain with poor health? Is it better to be a sick thin person, or a healthy, energetic, person that will age much more gracefully? I know the answer, what about you? Is vanity all that counts?

Isn’t it ageing gracefully, having energy to travel, to laugh, to run with your kids, to exercise, to be a happy human being while being at a healthy weight what you should be looking for? I do honestly hope so.

So, in this new year, full of promises, goals, and wishes, make yourself a promise:

Next ” diet” you intend to follow, make it a healthy one, make it a lifestyle. The results will for sure pay of.

Passionate about the ketogenic and lowcarb lifestyle, solo traveler, passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Amateur photographer, recipe developer, creator of the famous keto perfect bread.

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