Verona and a Problem Gone Right

Verona, what a surprise, in spite of everything I had read about it, still was a surprise, and a very pleasant one I must say. In an apparently small town, so much to see and visit. Charming, lovely, historical, ancient, vibrant, lively are just a few of the adjectives I can think of.

But, it all started wrong. And that wrong went so right. Let me explain:

One day before leaving from Venice to Verona, I received a message from the B&B I was staying in, saying that they had a problem and had to transfer our reservation to another place. That I should not be nervous because it would have the same standard.

But I was nervous and not happy. I choose my accommodations carefully, with time, looking at every detail. I did not know how this one would be, where it was, how good it would fit into my requirements.

So, the trip by train from Venice to Verona (that in fact should have lasted 40min and lasted much more – never will again book OBB for my train travels, as not even an announcement was made, no info about which stations we were approaching, all a guessing game, not German at all I might say), was kind of a stressful one.

We got to Porta Nuova Train Station, took a taxi, and after a very charming and enjoyable ride, with a kind and welcoming driver, we got to the B&B. As soon as we met Carlo (he was very responsive on whatsapp during the time we were traveling and willing to answer all questions), we liked him instantly. What a great person, fantastic energy and so welcoming.

Via San Salvatore Vecchio close to Palazzo Camozzini (it is located on number 6A and 6B)

“Well, maybe it will not be that bad, I thought to myself”.

We went into the building, took a small and narrow lift up, and BOOM, as soon as we entered the apartment we were awed.

It is located in a freaking Palace !!!! The Palazzo Camozzini, beautiful, with frescoes on the ceilings, and fantastic atmosphere, a beautiful setting and with all we needed in our stay. We stayed in the last floor, but I was able to see the rest and the ballroom impressed so so much.

The Camozzini Building is located near the old Roman Cardus road, which dates back to Roman Verona in 1st century AD.Nowadays in the building’s basement the typical large stone blocks from Roman construction can still be seen. These blocks were often re-utilized during medieval construction, and the remains of a medieval open porch can be seen today from the internal courtyard of the building. The present facade is from the 16th century in a sober classical style, with architectural lines in perfect harmony.

The building’s decoration is styled on Classical Roman, and all of the characters represented in the frescoes are Gods or Heroes from mythology.

For more info, check their website

Problem gone right, all I can say. I am so happy today that we were moved to this place. It is centrally located, on a lively and charming street, with restaurants and small markets, it is so handy to see Verona on foot, staying in the Historical Center.

The Ádige just around the corner
The charming vibe of the street where the B&B is
The small market
The produce is gorgeous

We stayed in Verona for 2 days, and all I can say is that we should have stayed one more day. Verona is not only the city of Romeo and Giuletta, it is so much more than that. In fact, I just went to Juliet’s house to tick a box. It is crowded, overwhelming and overrated in my opinion.

Verona has so much more to offer, from strolling around the river, to crossing Ponte Pietra, getting on the Funicular and having a drink at the top of Saint Peter’s hill looking at the city down below, to walking around Piazza delle Erbe, climbing Torre di Lamberti, walking along the Scaligero Bridge (Castelvecchio Bridge), the impressive Duomo, the Roman Theater, the Arena, the charming streets, the amazing restaurants, street markets.

I could go on and on and on, but a picture says more than a thousand words, so I will leave you with some more.

Walking around the Ádige during the golden hour is magical
Me and my son, tired but loving Verona
Chiesa di San Fermo Maggiore
Beautiful sunset
Everywhere you look there is beauty and charm
Piazza delle Erbe
Another angle of Piazza delle Erbe
Strolling down Piazza delle Erbe you come across beautiful side streets
Ticking boxes – The House of Giulietta
To get a picture of an empty Juliet’s balcony took me quite some time
As it happened with the statue. I know it is a tourist tradition but holding her breast and taking a picture seems quite ridiculous to me
These balconies are just so beautiful

After walking a lot for just a couple of hours, time for dinner. A fantastic experience at Osteria Locandina Capello, beautiful food, outstanding menu, great wine selection, and great and accommodating staff. We started with a cheese platter that came with a beautiful Mostarda Mantovana, paired with a fantastic wine. It was just what we needed after a long day, a great meal and relaxing time.

Osteria Locandina Capello
The cheese board starter was to die for. The restaurant is fantastic, check also their website

After that amazing dinner experience we walked around for a bit more, went to a supermarket to buy breakfast for next day and headed home, tired but happy.

Of course, as Verona has so much to see and I so much like to write, I will have another post about Verona, stay tuned.

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