Brazil, a photographic journey through the Southeast Region

As I said so many times here, I am passionate about Brazil. Went there for the first time in 2004 with my son and 2 friends, and from then on went there over and over again, and even lived in Rio for 8 months. This time, instead of talking about it, I decided to leave it to your imagination by posting a collection of photographs I took along the years, in the South East region (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro States). Hope you enjoy, and do not forget: TRAVEL. ALONE, IN GROUP, BUT DO. The memories we create make us turn back in time, dream, and be happy.

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I usually start my holidays in São Paulo, as from where I fly from all flights land in São Paulo. The first time I went there had mixed feelings about it, but soon found the somehow magic of this big city, that has amazing gastronomy, culture, shoppings, a huge park (Ibirapuera) in the middle of the urban jungle, the São Paulo equivalent to 5th Avenue, the Óscar Freire street, welcoming people and beautiful sunsets.

Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil
Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. A huge avenue filled with shops, restaurants, art, museums. It’s where I usually stay
A sunset in São Paulo
São Paulo Has beautiful sunsets
Paulista avenue on a grey rainy day
Paulista Avenue on a rainy day,
brasil2011 002-01.jpeg
São Paulo, Frei Caneca Road

From São Paulo I usually take the bus (I love relaxing on the amazing Brazilian buses, really comfy and allow me to see the landscapes, and even spot new places for visiting) to the north of São Paulo state and I follow the coastline on BR 101 (one of the most beautiful beach front roads I know) to Rio de Janeiro where  I am usually based (check past posts like this: Why you should go to Rio, How to get to Rio).

On the way to Rio, on BR 101
Arriving in Ilhabela an Island in the north coast of São Paulo state
Ilhabela historical center
A baby Tucano in Ilhabela
Ilhabela historical center
Tucano in Ilhabela
Ilhabela – the amazing Singuitta lodge


On the road to Rio
Stopping point on the way to Ilhabela

One of my favorite places along the Southeast coastline is Paraty a small town that is unexpectedly a gastronomic and culture hub and held the famous annual literary fair of Paraty. It is a perfect place to rest, to relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, take a day trip to Trindade, eat while listening to amazing live music, shop on the small cobbled streets (that frequently inundate when raining) and go on a boat tour around the islands and the coastline.

The small charming streets of Paraty
Typical architecture in Paraty
Amazing view from my accommodation
Paraty by night
2014-09-04 10.34.01-01.jpeg
Relaxing with birds singing and a beautiful view
2014-09-03 20.20.17-01.jpeg
Live music and fine dinning
paraty 084-01.jpeg
Me with friends I met in Paraty
brasil2011 011-01.jpeg
Getting ready for a boat tour
Trindade beautiful beaches
Climbing the rocks to get to the perfect spot for a shot
brasil2011 030-01.jpeg
Cobbled streets of Paraty
2014-09-07 12.16.57-01.jpeg
Paraty main canal

Another fantastic place you can visit along the coast from São Paulo to Rio is Angra dos Reis, an Archipelago with 365 islands, most of them private. The small town itself is not a nice place to be, but visiting the islands is a must and staying in the coastline North or south of Angra dos Reis Town, or at Ilha Grande is fantastic.

2014-10-04 12.34.27-01.jpeg
Stop point, look at the color of the water
2014-10-04 12.36.34-01.jpeg
Boat tour around the Islands
People having a blast in the transparent emerald green waters
Vista barco-01.jpeg
On a boat tour around Ilha Grande
Maria Carolina-01.jpeg
Our boat and Biscaia (Angra East Coast

And then you get to the Cidade Maravilhosa (marvellous city) Rio de Janeiro. The next photographs will surely tell you why that name, what a perfect combination of nature, beach, city, mountain, sea, art, culture and architecture Rio is.

Ipanema, Posto 8, Rio de Janeiro
This is the beginning of the famous Ipanema neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro
Parque Lage Rio de janeiro, bairro Jardim Botânico
This is Parque Lage, a beautiful place close to Jardim Botânico, in Rio de Janeiro
sunset at Arpoador, Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro
The beautiful Aropoador, the most famous sunset spot in Rio de Janeiro
One of the numerous view points, this one overlooks one of the famous favelas
arp2 014-01.jpeg
Devil’s beach
Imagem 257-01.jpeg
City center
today 016-01.jpeg
The beautiful design of the Municipal Theater
2014-10-04 08.23.31-01.jpeg
The fascinating contrast between the modern and the old buildings
Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
The world famous Copacabana beach
Walking around Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon
View from the Sugar Loaf Mountain
arpoador 055-01.jpeg
Sunset at Arpoador
The famous Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio
Another stunning sunset
São Conrado
hoje 052-01
Copacabana busy streets – urban jungle
The brand new Museu do Mar (Museum of the Sea)
Cristo Redentor – Christ the Redeemer
The famous Calçadão in Copacabana
2014-09-09 10.01.07-01.jpeg
The view from the apartment I rent in Rio
Imagem 426-01.jpeg
View from the Corcovado

Another place that you can easily reach from Rio, on a 2.5h bus drive is Búzios. Búzios became world famous in the 1960’s due to being Brigitte Bardot’s favorite summer place. It is a peninsula with 25 beaches, islands and a small yet luxurious and cosmopolitan town, with the famous Rua das Pedras where all the action happens. It is a fantastic place for holidays, with world class restaurants, hotels, resorts, B&B and even rental apartments. I will write a dedicated post about Búzios, stay tuned.

Buzios 174-01-01.jpeg
Sunset in Búzios
Praia dos Ossos in Búzios
The pier where the boat tours departure
One of the many beach bars
Azeda beach at sunset, in Búzios
Azeda Beach
Buzios 055a-01
Walking along the promenade
The famous Rua das Pedras

You may be thinking by now “so, the southeast is all about the beach?”. No, and I will leave you, to finish this post, with two charming places in the mountains: Petrópolis, the Imperial city where King D. Pedro lived, 1 hour away from Rio by car/bus, and Campos do Jordão, in São Paulo state, a busy, hype, luxurious destination, home of winter festivals, the fondue town, where the famous hang around during winter due to the cold weather (very cold), fantastic gastronomy, beautiful landscape and…yes…beer!

Petropolis 051-01.jpeg
Imperial Palace in Petrópolis
Petropolis 047-01.jpeg
The entrance to Imperial Palace in Petrópolis
Petropolis 050-01.jpeg
The gardens of the Imperial Palace in Petrópolis
Petropolis 054-01.jpeg
View to the cathedral
Petropolis 059-01.jpeg
One of the typical buildings
Petropolis 048-01.jpeg
Lateral wing of the Imperial Palace in Petrópolis
Petropolis 060-01.jpeg
German/Swiss architecture in Petrópolis
The railway line crossing Campos do Jordão from where tourist train rides to the surroundings departure
The typical buildings in Campos do Jordão
The beautiful Amantikir gardens
The gardens in Campos do Jordão
Campos do Jordão cozy landscape

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