My Italy in 10 days – the last day – Rome

So it was. The last day. I woke up feeling already nostalgic. From Florence, to Venice and finally Rome, Italy proved to be everything I had heard and researched about, but so so much more. So intense in beauty, art, history, vibe. So much diversity, so much more to see. As my flight was at night and the B&B I was staying in kindly allowed me to keep my luggage until my flight time, I decided to take a look at Roman Forum and Colosseum again and then walk back and explore Trastevere more. Perfect decision. The Roman Forum was a very emotional place to be, and Trastereve a gem, in spite of being touristy.

2017-09-26 12.34.00-01.jpeg
Another angle of the Colosseum
2017-09-26 12.34.14-01.jpeg
2017-09-26 12.33.45-01.jpeg
The Roman Forum
2017-09-26 13.40.19-01.jpeg
Along the Tiber heading back to the B&B

Trastevere is the 13th district – in Italian Rione, of Rome, located on the west bank of Tevere River. Trastevere means “beyond the Tiber”. I stayed there during my time in Rome but had only visited the surroundings during the night. But it is during the day that you appreciate the beauty of it, relatively free of people.

In Trastevere you can find Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest churches in Rome, dating back fro  the 13th century .

Trastevere is a very bohemian place, with people from all over the world, as well as Romans, that go there to enjoy the lively ambiance and nightlife.

I walked along Via , Piazza di San Calisto, Via Lungaretta, Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, as well as small side roads and alleys, full of character and charm.


2017-09-26 13.54.53_20180507215056488-01.jpeg
Charming side streets and alleys
2017-09-26 14.12.33-01.jpeg
Wonderful vibe in spite of being touristy
2017-09-26 14.11.24-01.jpeg
So Trastevere, the hanging plants in streets
2017-09-26 14.14.49_20180507215207674-01.jpeg
Beautiful details every step
2017-09-26 14.07.59-01.jpeg
Piazza di S. Maria in Trastevere with Palazzo di San Callisto, and Fontana di S. Maria in Trastevere
2017-09-26 14.18.54_20180507215221413-01.jpeg
Everything together gives a great vibe to Trastevere
2017-09-26 14.20.25_20180507215245209-01.jpeg
The colors, the corners, the details, all so lovable
2017-09-26 14.20.46_20180507215258488-01.jpeg
Wandering around Trastevere
2017-09-26 14.19.29_20180507215233704-01.jpeg
One of the many public fountains with fresh water
2017-09-26 14.31.40_20180507215312487-01.jpeg
Charming places

And it was now time to get a shower, change clothes and head to the airport. Truly feeling blessed for such an amazing time, and determined to be back as soon as I could (well, I will be there again in September 2018).

Thank you Italy for such an amazing time. Ciao bella Italia, Ritorneró sicuramente.

and so it ended, arriving in Lisbon



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  1. Barb Trevitt

    Such beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us.


    1. heelsandspices

      Thank you Barb


  2. marilyneb

    Your pictures are gorgeous – you’ve really captured Rome and brought it to life!


    1. heelsandspices

      Thank you 😘


  3. Victor Tribunsky

    I adore Rome. It is the only European capital that I like.


    1. heelsandspices

      Noooooo!!! My home town Lisbon is amazing!! 😘


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