Coaching – what and how

A coach is an individual able to help others find their answers to their problems. There are several types of coaching from business to nutrition.

A good coach is able to work with a coachee aiming to achieve goals, by using tools and techniques appropriate for each case. It is not a one size fits all process, it is in fact tailored to each individual, problem, objectives. The coach works to help the coachees find the answers to their problems, to understand what they need, to help them understand what could hold them back, and how to overcome it and achieve success.

The work relationship between a coach and a coachee is a supportive and motivating one, based on mutual respect and common objectives.

The coach provides support and guidance based on a previous assessments of the coachee’s needs and objectives, setting goals and helping the coachees to make changes aiming to improve health and their wellbeing. The coach is not a self-centred person that talks and lectures, it is mostly a listener and a helper.

The nutrition world presently can be overwhelming and confusing due to the easy availability of information, the contradictory information being conveyed by the different communication and social media. The coach will be able to guide the client (within the nutritional line the coach follows and works with) to determine what types of changes may be necessary, leading that unique person to finally see the results expected.

The first appointment starts with a good and open conversation about the coachee, what he/she wants, WHY he/she does want it, what are the goals and WHY, what might be preventing the her/him from achieving them, what are the stressors involved. There will be a client information form to be filled in, that will give the coach a complete history of the client, any health and/or metabolic conditions, health status, blood panel results, eating habits, exercise habits, constraints and conditioning factors, any nutrition or medical advise the client has from other professionals, etc.

Based on that, the duration and frequency of coaching sessions will be established, and the type of support needed will be set and agreed. The type of support can range from a very basic and one time session, to a continuum of sessions until the client is ready to proceed on his own certain that objectives will be met.

Among many, the following can be included in the coaching package:

  1. Setting up micro goals according to main goals
  2. Unblocking what is affecting the client in achieving objectives
  3. Helping to better understand LCHF, how it works and what it entails
  4. Helping to develop healthy approaches to food and nutrition
  5. Helping to develop a food list and meal ideas
  6. Helping to understand what nutritional needs are, what macro and micronutrients are, what is their importance, etc
  7. Helping to understand options for when eating out and making better choices
  8. Guidance on grocery shopping and reading labels
  9. Helping them understand nutrition guidelines
  10. Assess progress and adjust the program as needed
  11. Help them learn healthy cooking techniques and how to combine ingredients into meals, simple, quick to make and great in taste
  12. Help with meal prepping, planning and tracking
  13. Help the client develop a food journal to be used to identify what foods/meals affected them and why, and how their eating is adequate for their needs

Passionate about the ketogenic and lowcarb lifestyle, solo traveler, passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Amateur photographer, recipe developer, creator of the famous keto perfect bread.


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  2. Barb Trevitt

    I bet you are a fantastic coach. You are always so helpful, and know what you are talking about and why it is so. You don’t just parrot other people’s thoughts, but researched them. I appreciate all the advice you give and would defiantly put your name forward if anyone I know was looking for a LCHF Lifestyle Coach.


    1. heelsandspices

      That is so very kind of you Barb. Thank you


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