My Italy in 10 Days – Day 7 Arrivederci Florence, Ciao Roma

So, this was my last day in Florence. I did change hotels and was now staying at Via Cavour, in the historical center. Before departing to Rome and as the day was beautiful, I decided I could still see palazzo Pitti and Boboli gardens, on the other side of the Arno, so there I go, stopping along the way to admire beautiful details in Florence’s streets.

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Enchanting corners
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What a beautiful and serene day it was. Crossing the Arno

Palazzo Pitti is a huge and impressive building of the Rennaissance, located on the south side of Arno. The palace owned by Pitti, a florentine banker, was bought by the Medici in the 16th century.  The palazzo was the residence of the Medici family until the 18th century. With the death of the last Medici male heir his sister occupied the palace until her soon death, and with it, the extinction of the Medici family. The palace was then owned by the House of Lorraine from Austria, and for a brief time Napoleon also used the palazzo during his time controlling Italy.

At the present, Palazzo Pitti is a museum complex divided in several museums including: Palatine Gallery, Monumental Rooms, Porcelain Museum, Silver Museum, Museum of Costumes.2017-09-22 11.31.48-01.jpeg

Getting to Palazzo Pitti

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Amazing day
2017-09-22 11.34.09-01.jpeg
Palazzo Pitti
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As the time was not on my side, I decided I would see the Palatine gallery, Monumental Rooms and the Museum of Costumes only (and that was quite a lot).  The Palatine Gallery only, has 28 rooms including: Castagnoli room with portraits of the Medici and Lorraine families, Room of Prometheus with the Madonna with the Child by Lippi, Room of Justice, Room of Ulysses, Room of Saturn, Room of Mars, Room of Venus with the Venere Italica by Canova and the beautiful White Hall, that was once the ball room.

The Palatine Gallery occupies the whole left wing of the first floor of the Pitti Palaceand it has a magnificent collection with masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Lippo, and many others.

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Gallery of Statues
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View from Palazzo Pitti to the courtyard and Boboli Gardens

2017-09-22 11.56.33-01.jpeg

2017-09-22 11-1.57.01-01.jpeg

2017-09-22 11.58.28-02.jpeg

2017-09-22 11-1.57.39-01.jpeg

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Filippo Lippi, 1452-1453

2017-09-22 12.02.57-01.jpeg

2017-09-22 12-1.03.56-01.jpeg
Napoleon’s bath
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Pietro da Cortona – Sala della Stufa
2017-09-22 12-1.04.42-01.jpeg
Sala della Stufa
2017-09-22 12-1.05.58-01.jpeg
View from the Pitti Palace
2017-09-22 12-1.06.25-01.jpeg
Iliad Room
2017-09-22 12-1.11.13-01.jpeg
Ceiling details

The Royal Apartments comprise 14 rooms decorated mainly in an Empire style, and occupy the right wing of the main floor of the Pitti Palace.

2017-09-22 12.13.25-01.jpeg
Green Room
2017-09-22 12-1.15.07-01.jpeg
The throne
2017-09-22 12.15.57-01.jpeg
Blue Room
2017-09-22 12.16.24-01.jpeg
The chapel
2017-09-22 12.18.22-01.jpeg
Queen’s bedroom
2017-09-22 12-1.17.48-01.jpeg
Yellow Room
2017-09-22 12.18.33-01.jpeg
Blue Room
2017-09-22 12-1.21.39-01.jpeg
White Hall – the Ballroom
2017-09-22 12-1.25.42-01.jpeg
Costumes gallery

From the Costume gallery I left Palazzo Pitti and headed to the Boboli Gardens, another beautiful place not be missed.

2017-09-22 12-1.33.24-01.jpeg
Leaving the galleries
2017-09-22 12-1.34.10-01.jpeg
The courtyard
2017-09-22 12.36.25-01.jpeg
Fontana del Carciofo
2017-09-22 12-1.36.46-01.jpeg
View over Florence
2017-09-22 12-1.38.04-01.jpeg
2017-09-22 12-1.38.13-01.jpeg
Egyptian Obelisk and Amphitheater
2017-09-22 12-1.39.20-01.jpeg
Beautiful day
2017-09-22 12-1.40.35-01.jpeg
What a beautiful view
2017-09-22 12.40.54-01.jpeg
Looking for shadow, the day was getting really hot
2017-09-22 12.40.35-02.jpeg
Palazzo Pitti, Amphitheater and Obelisk
2017-09-22 12.42.32-01.jpeg
Fountain of Neptune
2017-09-22 12-1.45.01-01.jpeg
Florence at my feet
2017-09-22 12.48.30-01.jpeg
Every corner a beautiful sight
2017-09-22 12.49.57-01.jpeg
So Tuscan
2017-09-22 12-1.58.51-01.jpeg
Last View from the magnificent Florence – Arrivederci Florence

And so it was, tired but marveled at all the beauty I saw, I went to the hotel to pick up my luggage and head to Santa Maria Novella Train Station to get on the train to …. Ohhhhh la bellissima Roma, where I had my second emotional moment… stay tuned

Ciao Roma

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