My Italy in 10 Days, Day 5 Venice part 2 and Florence

It was now time to leave to the train station and head back to Florence (me) and Bologne (Ruth). Cursing myself for being so stupid and staying in Venice for only a day, we returned to the Opera Hotel to pick our luggage and head to the vaporetto.

2017-09-20 10.41.55-01.jpeg
On the way back from Rialto

I still managed to stop by a shop selling homeware and got myself the cutest Bialetti one cup coffee maker that I did see in Florence but stupidly did not buy. On the way to the hotel we passed by several shops, one of them dedicated to the beautiful Venetian carnival masks, but sadly I could not buy one as my travelling bag was too small (next time Di next time, I said to myself).

2017-09-20 10.39.58-02.jpeg
The beautiful Venetian masks
One the way to the Hotel
How charming
Charming restaurant close to la Fenice
2017-09-20 10.51.52-02.jpeg
On the way to the vaporetto
Another angle of the beautiful San Marco
2017-09-20 11.10.14-01.jpeg
See you soon beautiful and unforgettable San Marco Basilica
2017-09-20 11.13.32-01.jpeg
Close to the vaporetto, what a beautiful day
2017-09-20 11-1.32.23-01.jpeg
Bye San Marco, breathtaking
2017-09-20 11.34.14-01.jpeg
Grand canal on the way to Santa Lucia
Grand canal on the way to Santa Lucia
2017-09-20 11.35.41-01.jpeg
Grand canal on the way to Santa Lucia
Grand canal on the way to Santa Lucia
2017-09-20 11.56.13-01.jpeg
Contrasts – modern vs Ancient
2017-09-20 12.13.30-01.jpeg
Sunshine, beauty, lovely

As we still had some time before departure, we decided to take a walk in Cannaregio, the other side of the Santa Lucia station. Charming it was, with beautiful details.

2017-09-20 12.29.45-01.jpeg
Wandering around Cannaregio
2017-09-20 12.24.41-01.jpeg
Wandering around Cannaregio
Each corner a beautiful detail
How lovely

We still had time to have a small lunch (very bad experience) at a restaurant close to the train station and then it was time to leave. With the promise to be back soon, we left the unforgettable Venice.

2017-09-20 13.28.37_20180220194920358-01.jpeg
Last image of Venice already on the train

So, Ruth goes to Bologne to pick the plane back to Portugal, and I start my solo travelling in Italy, by going back to Florence.

Upon arriving in Florence, I headed to the hotel, left the luggage there, changed clothes, and as by now I was considering myself a professional walker, I decided I did not yet have walked enough for a day and headed back to the historical center. I had decided to book a tour to Sienna, San Gimignano with wine tasting, as I felt it was the best way to see a bit more of the lovely Toscana in a relaxed way, with a trained guide (that will be the next post).

Palazzo Vecchio
2017-09-20 19.06.31-02.jpeg
Piazza della Signoria
2017-09-20 19.04.35-01.jpeg
Palazzo Vecchio
2017-09-20 17.59.53-02.jpeg
Wandering around Florence
2017-09-20 17.49.08-02.jpeg
Isn’t beauty everywhere?
The Arno
Ponte Vecchio
Close up – Ponte Vecchio
On the other side of the Arno
A beautiful sunset and a book, what else
2017-09-20 18.18.48-01.jpeg
Another angle of Ponte Vecchio
2017-09-20 18.28.04-02.jpeg
The other side
2017-09-20 18.56.03-02.jpeg
Crowded but still enjoyable
2017-09-20 17.53.17-01.jpeg
Stand Up Paddling
2017-09-20 17.49.43-01.jpeg
Lovely view
2017-09-20 17.38.34-01.jpeg
2017-09-20 17.59.30-01.jpeg
And more details
2017-09-20 17.53.17-01.jpeg
Breath taking
2017-09-20 18.23.51-01.jpeg
Beautiful sunset

Well, the so called professional walker was now feeling like an elephant stepped on her toes, and when looked at the step counter, I did walk 27 Km that day. Can you believe it? By now my average was 20km, which is really something I never though I would be able to do. Tired and hungry, back to the city center I went, to have dinner at a small trattoria close to the Piazza del Duomo.

2017-09-20 19.05.03-01.jpeg
Loggia della Signoria
2017-09-20 19.14.02-01.jpeg
Walking back to the Piazza del Duomo
2017-09-20 19.17.16-01.jpeg
A charming restaurant

Tired and as I needed to wake up really early, I headed back to the Hotel for a good and restful sleep.


Next post: my tour in Tuscany

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