Fighting a stall – tips

Weight loss is not a linear process. That is something you need to be aware of. Stalls and gains are to be expected. Biological individuality plays a role, age, hormones, stress, sleep, not following correct macros, under eating, over eating, indulging on to many BPC’s, keto treats, mimic foods can all be a cause of plateaus, stalls or gains. So, what can I advise you to do?

FIRST: 2 days, 2 weeks are nothing really. Relax, revise your diet. What can you be doing wrong? Are you not losing measures? Are you on “your time of the month”?

If you still think you hit a stall, there are some things you can do to try to break it:

  • Are you keto adapted? Try Intermittent fasting
  • Stick to whole foods for a month. No mimics
  • Cut dairy, sweeteners, nuts, fruits, chocolate and alcohol
  • Lower your fat, up your fat, play with your fat macro as filler for satiety
  • Stay under 25g of net carbs
  • Make sure your electrolytes are balanced (magnesium and sodium specially)
  • Identify your stressors, introduce 10min of daily meditation, have a nice herbal calming tea before bed
  • Plan your meals, log them ahead and keep a journal
  • identify which foods still cause you cravings
  • Stop BPC
  • Add exercise to your routine – HIIT and weights, avoid extraneous cardio exercises as it raises cortisol
  • Get your thyroid checked
  • Get your Vit D levels checked, supplement if needed
  • Keep hydrated
  • Make sure you sleep enough

Passionate about the ketogenic and lowcarb lifestyle, solo traveler, passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Amateur photographer, recipe developer, creator of the famous keto perfect bread.

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  1. Patricia McLean

    Such good advice! Thanks!!


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