Cheating or not cheating, that is the question

I m not talking here about carb up strategies for bodybuilders or other heavylifters. I am talking  about plain and simple cheat meals. 

On a daily basis I see people talking about so called carb ups, fall off the wagon, derail, go offplan, and a myriad of other names to refer to what we just consider cheating. What is the definition of cheating?

“a person who acts dishonestly, deceives, or defrauds:

a fraud; swindle; deception:

an impostor:

A person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage”

Is there anything positive in any of the above ? No. Its the same on keto when you cheat.

A large part of the people I know are carb/sugar addicts. For them, cheating is indeed a dangerous road, a slippery slope. It ends up in a succession of cheats, in feeling guilty and disgusted and not being able to get back on the train. To some, at first nothing happens, and some report even losing more weight – they get so happy with that, and they will simply think that all people say against it is bullshit. Sadly, most of them find themselves bloated, inflammed, heavier, feeling like crap a while later, just because that single cheat lead to another, and another and another…

When you cheat, almost everytime you will be kicked out of ketosis, making your body suffer due to the jumping from fat as fuel to carbs as fuel and back, and of course, delaying your keto adaptation process. So, why? Why would you sabotage yourself?

Being on keto/LCHF is not a short ride, is a commitment to yourself, its a commitment to health, its a way of living. Of course for some people its only a weight loss tool (I can never understand that, but I respect your choices). But for (thank God) many people, keto/lchf is a health improvement way of eating, and the only way to keep enjoying the advantages it brings, the regained health, its to keep being on keto, not cheating. So, what happens when you cheat?

  • You get hunger and cravings return
  • You gain weight
  • Your blood sugar will spike
  • You may feel sick
  • You may have skin troubles such as acne, rashes, itchiness
  • You will feel bad
  • Your confidence fails
  • Your focus vanishes
  • Restarting is increasingly difficult
  • Losing weight is increasingly difficult
  • You can get into a binging cycle

Is it really worth it? Is it really “life is too short not to have cakes”?

I prefer to say: “Life is too short, don’t make it shorter, don’t cheat on yourself”




Passionate about the ketogenic and lowcarb lifestyle, solo traveler, passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. Amateur photographer, recipe developer, creator of the famous keto perfect bread.


  1. Sandra

    I prefer to say: “Life is too short, don’t make it shorter, don’t cheat on yourself” LOVE IT! 😉


  2. Patricia McLean

    Well said Dalila! You are absolutely right – If someone cheats, they are the only one who is hurt by it.


    1. heelsandspices

      Thank you Pat


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