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Since beginning keto I have tried several calculators. Most of them were just off and did not make sense. Its incredible the amount of deceiving information you find out there. As I am a kind of science geek, I always looked for something that would have a reliable source behind the calculator. I ended up with two preferences: the one from Ankerl and THE ONE – the calculator from the ketodietapp website. based on Volek and Phinney I find t definitely the best out there. As I am one of the administrators of the support group and challenge group, for the past two years we have helped numerous people achieve success using that calculator. Does it work for all? No, keto is a very individualized process highly dependent on each individual’s metabolism, focus, way of following, age, health status, etc. BUT, it works for the large majority of people I have seen using it. Believe me, its not because I am one of the admins, its because it really works. Link posted below, new post tomorrow with some hints and tips

The best keto calculator

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