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Cascais is one of the places in the world where I feel like I belong to. Not because it is in my home country, but because it makes me feel relaxed, happy and welcome. I live away from my country for so many years that when I return on holidays I always feel like a tourist. Not in Cascais, no, Cascais is my home, my safe place.

Cascais is a coastal town 30 kilometers west of Lisbon, easily accessed by train, car or bus. The coastal road linking Cascais with Lisbon crossed beautiful beaches, like Estoril, São Pedro do Estoril, Parede, Carcavelos. The coastal road is considered the Portuguese Riviera, due to its beauty, amazing nightlife and restaurants.

What attracts me the most about Cascais is the vibe, the feeling of being a small town yet so cosmopolitan. Cascais has tourists the whole year. Yeah sometimes that can be complicated for the locals because between July and August it gets really crowded. But at the same time the energy and vitality is amazing. Restaurants, bars, promenade, all filled with people. You hear a symphony of languages and see a diversity of cultures. Cascais is a gem!

Accommodation tips

  1. Cascais has all types of accommodation that suit all types of budgets. From backpackers to 5 start Hotels, there is an array to choose from.
  2. Air BnB is an excellent source to find good and reliable accommodation. I have stayed in several apartments and nothing to complain. If you like to be independent and cook your own meals, an apartment is the logical and more adequate choice. If you re looking for luxury there are excellent hotels to choose from.
  3. I always choose the historical center to stay. I like the vibe, the artists playing on the streets in Camões square, the multitude of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. Its close to the train station and in 45 min I am in Lisbon.
  4. If staying in an apartment, make sure your apartment has free wifi, and during summer aircon is a must (or at least a fan) as it gets really hot
  5. Most apartments in the historical center do not have elevators. Take that into consideration if carrying luggage.
  6. It is really difficult to park in the historical center unless your accommodation has parking

Walking around (next post…yeah don’t want to tire you so soon)

Find an hotel or guesthouse


Air BnB – find an apartment

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  1. S Alfred Baker

    Portugal is a beautiful place, I don’t know how you stand being away.


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